Nearness to You

by Fadhilah Wahid, author of Light Upon Light

Working cover of “Nearness to You”

“Nearness to You” is a physical book capturing moments of closeness, of longing, and of hopeful wayfaring to one’s Creator. It is a compilation of short reflections written by a sinner/seeker, intended to revive hope in God’s infinite Mercy and Love, as well as be the gentle nudge towards getting us to rethink how we perceive life.

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All profit from the sales of this book will go to the various Islamic institutions, organizations and teachers the author has benefited from, alhamdulillah.

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Escaping the Ephemeral

Assalamualaikum wr wb! I’m Fadhilah Wahid, author of Light Upon Light.

These days, I write mostly on Instagram, sharing with more than 10,000 readers gems from my travels – precious moments sitting with the Men and Women of God, beautiful/painful conversations with lovers of our Prophet Muhammad salallahu ‘alayhi wa salaam, and lessons I’ve learned in their presence.

Some comments on how the writings have benefited, alhamdulillah.

While these personal reflections and intimate moments have been a source of motivation and inspiration for many (alhamdulillah!), the fleeting and algorithmic nature of Instagram leaves little room for the sharings to benefit anyone else once the 24-hour news-cycle expiry date has passed.

One of the sample pages (Text + Quote)

“Nearness to You” is a collective effort by you and I to save these writings from the pit hole that is Instagram, and to bring them out on print so that more people can benefit and find solace and inspiration from them in times to come.

One of the sample pages. (Text + picture)

Accompanied by pictures I have taken during my travels (printed in black and white) and with a layout designed by a graphic designer, this gorgeous minimalist paperback will make a great bedside read, or as gifts for the ones you love and care for, inshaAllah.

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Why “Nearness to You”?

A moment of contemplation. Picture taken in a zawiya in Aliwal Street, Singapore.

Some nights after the idea of this book was conceived, I was jolted awake from sleep. The first thing that came to my mind: the du’a one recites after the Call to Prayer.

Specifically, the phrase “al-Wasilat wal-Fadhilah“.

In the du’a, the word al-Wasilah appears in reference to asking Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala to grant the Prophet Muhammad salallahu ‘alayhi wa salaam a place near Him. In other words: Proximity. Closeness.

Nearness to God.

The word wasilah (aka nearness) is the most sensible title for this book, because:

  1. the reflections in it are all from sittings with those who are close to God, or in my intimate moments of remembrance of Him and His Beloved salallahu ‘alayhi wa salaam
  2. all the profits from the sales of this book will go to various Islamic institutions and teachers who have selflessly gave their all to bring the ummah close to God and His Messenger salallahu ‘alayhi wa salaam
  3. … and it did not hurt that my name appears in the du’a next to al-Wasilah too, hehe :p
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Visiting Saints with Saints. Picture taken in Bab alFutuh in Fes, Morocco.

How do I help bring this book to print?

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Note 1: The amount will be deducted from your card only if the fundraising is a success (i.e. we have enough funds to print a round of books). If the fundraising does not reach the target amount by the due date, all earmarked funds will be released back to your bank account / credit limit. Alhamdulillah either way ;)

Note 2: Once funded, work on the book by the graphic designer will begin, and inshaAllah the final draft will be ready by end September 2019. Give a week or two for editing and printing, and it should reach you by mid October 2019, biidhnillah <3 This is assuming you’re in Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia. International supporters please give a little more time for delivery!

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Where can I read more of your writings before I make a purchase?

Gatherings of Light. Picture taken in Zawiya Ebrahim in Johannesburg, South Africa.

You can read all my writings on Instagram, or purchase my book Light Upon Light , which has sold more than 7,000 copies worldwide, alhamdulillah.

Jazakumullah khayr for reading this far :)

May Allah SWT bless our teachers, raise their ranks, accept from them, place them in paradise with the ultimate teacher – the Prophet Muhammad SAW – and forgive us for not being able to emulate and embody all that our teachers have tried to teach us. Ameen.

Barakallahu feekum!

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About Fadhilah Wahid

Conversations of hope. Picture taken in the masjid of Shaykh Abu Bakr bin Salim in ‘Inad, Yemen.

I am not an Ustazah, nor am I a learned student of knowledge. I am a sinner and a hopeful wayfarer whom Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala has given the rezqi of meeting mashaAllah people in mashaAllah places, and the rezqi of readers connecting to my writings despite my bad grammar.

Alhamdulillah. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala grant us sincerity in all that we do and accept from us despite our lack of sincerity in any case, ameen!

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