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Assalamualaikum wr. wb. and Ramadhan Kareem!

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim.

Hi! My name is Fadhilah Wahid, and I am a writer/designer based in Singapore who has written for both online and offline organizations/companies such as Productive Muslim, The Shawl Label,, Muslim Converts’ Association of Singapore, and Pergas (Singapore), to name a few.

Light Upon Light – my second book – is a collection of forty letters on life, love and God. It is all ready to be published – with YOUR support!

Light upon Light is a collection of personal short essays penned over the course of a year to more than a thousand subscribers of my newsletter, essays which my readers found relatable and inspiring in this struggle that we go through every single day in our quest to get closer to Allah SWT.

The letters are mostly from my journey studying in the International Islamic University in Malaysia, hints at my stay in a Sufi retreat in Johannesburg, South Africa, and concludes with a chapter of my book-in-progress, detailing my stay in Tareem, Yemen.

All of them come from the perspective of someone who never quite practiced Islam, until, Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT guided me despite all that I was.

For some time these letters – sent only once each via email – have been sitting in the darkness of my outbox. Many times I have received requests from old and new readers to bring them back out to light – so, alhamdulillah – here it is!

Please support this effort by helping me raise the USD 5,000 in costs needed to publish Light Upon Light, and be one of the first to get it once it is hot off the press!

The Book

Everything in this book from start to end is a collaboration of Muslims around the world.

The letters are mostly stories and reflections of the people who have inspired me in my journeys to seek God. There is the story on the Palestinian crisis as related to me by a first-hand survivor, a journalist in South Africa’s conversion to Islam, appearances by Harvey Spector and Gordon Ramsey, and many more stories from random (or rather, planned by Allah SWT) people I met who have inspired me in so many ways: a boy in an Indonesia-bound ferry who taught me patience in His decree, an old Malay cleaner who taught me humility.

The theme of these letters is such: Lessons and guidance are abound in life; it is up to us to stay still, listen and understand, so that we may be.

The editing of the book is done by my best friend, a passionate and inspiring English teacher with a beautiful, open heart. The finalized book covers – and there are two to choose from (subject to availability) – are designed by myself and voted on by hundreds of readers in my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

My first book, Ruminations Refined (which is a reward in some tiers), was designed by a local upcoming Muslimah graphic designer based in Singapore.

And finally, the printing of the book, bookmarks and button pins are all done by Muslim companies. So not only are you supporting the publication of this book, but also the Muslims involved in its production, alhamdulillah!

Some book specs:

  • Pages: 160
  • Size: A5
  • Weight: 220g (approx)

Bookmark & Button Pin Design

Choose Your Light

I’m offering several reward tiers, choose that which suits you! The book is great to read alone for some reflective moments, but also awesome when you have someone to discuss it with. Often times, it is after I send out a letter to my readers and they respond back with their own stories and insights that I gain a deeper perspective of what it is I am writing about.

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Local (Singapore) Delivery

The above prices are specifically for local Singapore readers as the delivery costs has been calculated into each reward tiers. International supporters can head over to Launchgood to make your order, while Malaysians & Bruneians can head over here.

When will I get the book?

This is a pre-order, which means that the collection of letters, while ready for print, needs your help to be brought out to light from the darkness of my archived emails. I have already sent all the final files needed to the printers, but please allow around 2 – 4 weeks for printing and delivering, inshaAllah (It’s eid soon so the printing companies will be closed haha).

#Support and #Spreadthelight

So in the end it all boils down to this… the faster the USD 5,000 is raised, the faster the book gets printed, and the earlier it ends up in your hands! Help make Light Upon Light a reality by

1) Supporting it financially by getting a copy (or more). Make your choice from any of the reward tier images above (click here)! If you’d like to order in bulk, just give me a holla :)

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Jazakumullah khayr!

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to drop me a message on the site’s contact form , or through my Instagram account @fadhilahwahid


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