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Review by Wardah Books:

Fadhilah Wahid is a Singaporean writer. This work is a collection of letters (more like essays) originally addressed to subscribers of her newsletter. Mostly written while she was travelling, living and studying in Malaysia, South Africa and Yemen, the essays are really vehicles for her reflections on a life lived in the awareness of and gratitude to Allah.

Heartfelt, sincere, and with touches of self-deprecating humour, this collection is as much welcomed for its candour about the challenges of a modern-day Muslimah as for the rarity of this glimpse of a life that the essayist has documented with both grace and wit.

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Reviews by Readers

By Ustazah Farhana Munshi

I actually love your book for the fact that you bring attention to things in life that actually go pass many people without them giving it much thought. Or maybe it impacted them at that point but then they forgot all about it. Because you and I both know that life, any person’s life, is full of messages and lessons from Allah ﷻ, if only we paid attention. So it’s not to say that only you have such beautiful and meaningful experiences, rather, everyone has such experiences, if only they paid attention to the messages Allah has been sending them.

That’s what I love about it.. The accounts are so real, they could happen to anyone.. And in fact they do happen to most people.. But you paid attention and you penned them down, of course in your beautiful literary style which makes it all the more delightful to read. But you get what I’m saying.. What you are writing about isn’t something out of reach for most people. These are typical human experiences, but you experienced them in the real sense of the word experiences. You let the meanings penetrate your heart and soul, you processed the words, the silence, the glances, the sighs, the gestures. It’s so human and so real and so much what every person knows about but they don’t take the time to listen, feel, internalise and learn.

Your book is a lesson in that. Your book inshaAllah will teach people to learn to experience their own life and its lessons as Allah has gifted them. So it’s not just there with the end of the book, that the stories end.. But it’s empowerment of people to do the same with their own lives and take the messages and lessons that Allah ﷻ is sending to them. Pay attention to your creator when He speaks to you. If not through the Qur’an, then through those around you.