Peace in Times of Chaos

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-RahimAllahumma solli ‘ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ‘ala alihi wa sohbihi wa sallim. It’s been a long time –six years, in fact– since I last published anything on this site and for the newsletter. Six years since I last really...

Quick Guide to Masjid Customs

I remember the first few times I reentered the masjid after years of avoiding it. I was literally lost in all sense of the word – from finding the way to the wudhu’ area and the prayer hall, to being flat-out confused as to why everyone prayed two rakaats for...

How to avoid the mistake of harmful sharing

I used to share every single interesting thing I come across on social media. Any content that made me laugh, caused tears to stream down my face, or even those which left me fuming with anger, were all shared,  just because I could.  At first, I didn’t think...

Accepting Qodr

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