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5 Wise Wisdoms from an Elderly I Respect

This letter was first delivered this week to subscribers of my weekly-ish letters. These letters don’t appear usually anywhere else unless requested (like this one, by readers who wanted to share it), so do join us to subscribe! Just enter your email at the end of this page inshaAllah :)     Assalamualaikum, Eid Mubarak wa […]

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Does Being on Facebook or Instagram Make You Feel Like You’ll Never Be Good Enough? If So, You Have to Read this.

I was having a chat with a new friend, N, on the topic of online personalities when she stopped me mid-sentence. Eyes wide open in excitement, her thumb swiped across the screen of her iPhone and proceeded to dance on its surface for several seconds. Beaming when she found what she was looking for, she […]

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Quick Guide to Masjid Customs

I remember the first few times I reentered the masjid after years of avoiding it. I was literally lost in all sense of the word – from finding the way to the wudhu’ area and the prayer hall, to being flat-out confused as to why everyone prayed two rakaats for Maghrib as opposed to three*. […]

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How to Enjoy your Dining Experience at the Restaurant of Life

Welcome and thank you for dining at our restaurant — the Restaurant of Life. Every man, from the first to the last, have gone and will go through these doors and have a meal with us, but many have and will leave the restaurant unfulfilled and unhappy. But not you. Definitely, not you. You will […]

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How to avoid the mistake of harmful sharing

I used to share every single interesting thing I come across on social media. Any content that made me laugh, caused tears to stream down my face, or even those which left me fuming with anger, were all shared,  just because I could.  At first, I didn’t think much about it. It’s just sharing content, […]

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What do you choose to see?

Since enrolling into the university’s news team, I noticed a peculiar thing happening to me. It started innocently enough; an action born out of necessity even. As I walked through the hallways on campus, my head began to automatically turn to face the notice boards lining the walls. With every step, I would scan the […]

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How to be an Early Riser

Years ago, my morning routine would involve getting up for Fajr prayers on the third siren sounded by my mum, stumbling out of bed and tripping over fallen blankets, and walking like a zombie to the toilet. Then I’d do my prayers while still being half asleep and dive right back into bed, even as […]

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