In the name of Allah.
         Most Beneficent.
                  Most Merciful.

Am excerpt from the Letters to Readers


This life is all about being kind to yourself. It is about understanding that Allah swt put you through all those experiences in your past to make you wiser, to make your life more colorful, to make your experience with Him more profound.

It is through opposites that we feel the beauty of His Mercy.

Find it in you to love yourself once again, so that you may learn to be thankful for the countless blessings He has given you.

Your family. Your husband. Your friends. Me. Your past. Your present. All of us are tools. Just tools to help you make your way to Him.

Perhaps it is time to offload your anchors, love. Leave them in the depths of the oceans, and sail your way to God. It is an hour to Fajr. He beckons. Resist not the currents that push you home.